The UK strategy for sustainable development envisaged that people should form a citizen's environmental network to communicate ideas and achievements as they went about producing their own community plans. This wikispace is a model for how such a network could be created based on links between wiki community histories on the web

"Yesterday's thoughts and actions are now history"

The purpose of halesworth.wikispaces is primarily to encourage the townsfolk of the market town of Halesworth in the UK county of Suffolk, to participate in a live-local history project, whereby they can make contributions to a social ecological history of the town. However, the hope is that it will also encourage others to develop the idea within their own communities.

The cultural context of the project is defined by the following quotation from C.M.Trevelyan, the 'father' of British social history.
  • " history does not merely provide the required link between economic and political history.... Its scope may be defined as the daily life of the inhabitants of the land in past ages: this includes the human as well as the economic relation of different classes to one another, the character of family and household life, the condition of labour and of leisure, the attitude of man to nature, the culture of each age as it arose out of these general conditions of life, and took ever-changing forms of religion, literature and music, architecture, learning and thought"

In other words, social history involves the interaction of people with the environment that supplies a community with natural resources, both local and global. The objective of sustainable development is for groups and individuals to manage their consumption to match a supply of natural resources that can be tapped across future generations. This requires a 'love' of community which can only come from a full understanding of its origins and the lives of people who passed through it.

There are two companion sites to this wiki, both developing the same community history theme.

'Blything': deals with the communities on the boundary of the old Suffolk tribal Hundred of Blything.
'Halesworth Hyperbook': Here you can download a pdf of the first edition of Halesworth: and ecological history.