Anyone can add a comment to a page to start a discussion on its content (see discussion tab at the top of each page).

Anyone can also edit the content of a page, whether or not they initiated it. This is to be encouraged when the aim of a page is to create a collaborative story. Every change is logged and all changes can be accessed via the 'history' tab. Nothing is ever lost.

The maker of a page can be made aware of any changes automatically ('notify me' tab).

This is a public space which can only edited by members of the space. Members are recruited by invitation. The space name is included in the Wikispaces Directory.

There is a comprehensive help system accessible from the top menubar from which the following topics have been abstracted for those wishing to make a quick start.

Creating a page
To create a new page use the "New Page" link in the sidebar.
Note that the "Make a New Page" link will only be present if you are a registered user and have logged in.

Pictures and files
You can include pictures and files in your pages by opening the page editor by clicking 'edit this page'. When in the editor:

  • Click the image icon which looks like a tree in a box
  • Use the 'Upload New File' to select the image or file on your computer you wish to put on your page
  • It will appear at the end of the gallery of thumbnails
  • Put the cursor at the position on the page where you wish to put the image or file
  • Double click the image or file in the list of thumbnails to put it on the page

At any time, you can include pictures in your pages using any of the images in the gallery.
  1. On any page in your space click "Manage Space"
  2. Click "List and Upload Files"
  3. Browse to select your file then click "Send File"
You can also include an image that has not already been uploaded but this is more complicated.

You can find out what images are already available as follows.
  1. When logged in and on a page in your space, click "Manage Space" on the left hand side
  2. Click on "List files"

Adding your page to the navigation side bar
Finally, to add your page name to the navigation sidebar, click on 'edit navigation'. This will open a page named 'space.edit'. There you will see the current list of pages. Simply add your page name to the list. Highlight the name, then click on the 'add link' button on the top menubar then on 'Link to anchor'. Find the name of your page in the window and click on it. Then click 'save' and the name of the page you have just created will appear in the navigation list.

Making links from a page
You can make links between pages using the 'add link' button to any piece of highlighted text.

To make links from a word or phrase in one part of a page to another word on the page, use an anchor.

To make an anchor, go to the line which contains the word you want the link to go to. Type this word in square brackets as follows

Next, highlight the word or number which you want to start the link and click on the 'add link' button in the menubar. Select the name of the page you are working on and add the word you are linking to. Click OK, and the anchor link will be formed with the word which starts the link highlighted in purple with an arrow pointing away from it. It is important to remember that anchors only work with single words or numbers between the brackets.