A public meeting was held on Sunday 21st January, 2007 as a preliminary to producing a response to the council's request for public participation in a new vision for Halesworth and the Blyth valley.

The background to this meeting is the publication of the first version of the Council's Development Control Policies. This is a discusses them in general terms. They need to clearly define the circumstances in which planning permission will be granted. At this stage the policies and options are discussed in very general terms. These will be developed as the Council moves forward with the document and the Council receives your comments. The stages up to the year 2009, when they will be implemented, are set out below.


Defining issues and options

In defining the issues and options for Waveney the Council have:

  • considered a range of documents and strategies that have been produced at international, national, regional and the local level;
  • analysed a wide range of statistics and indicators.

As a result of that work, the issues and options paper sets out a number of key issues facing the District and a range of 'options' for resolving each issue.

The Council is required to undertake a sustainability appraisal of each of the options put forward. This allows the Council to identify the potential significant social, economic and environmental impacts. The Council have also assessed the options against a 'do nothing' situation. A summary of the sustainability appraisal for each of the policy options is presented and summarised after each question. A brief commentary of the results is also provided, drawing on the fuller detail of the appraisals. This should assist you with considering the options.

The full sustainability appraisals for the options are available to view on the Council's website www.waveney.gov.uk. Appendix 2 to this document lists the sustainability appraisal objectives.